About Us

Hello, and welcome to upload.farm! upload.farm is written, owned, and run by Laukei a university researcher based in Glasgow, UK, and Sketchy502 a web developer based in Marbella, Spain. We created the site mostly for ourselves shortly after Stardew Valley was released as we had no way to screenshot our whole farms to compare them. Thanks to feature creep, it seems to have outgrown this use quite a bit.

All source code is available on GitHub, which can also be used to file bug reports. Stardew Valley assets are used with the kind permission of Concerned Ape and Chucklefish.

We would also like to thank to all who support the site on Patreon, especially:

  • yamina-chan
  • Spencer Williams
  • Vaindil
  • Cymbals23
  • Neverside Labs
  • Maiquelrd
  • Jem Turner
  • Brian Reynolds
  • Hiroshi Mishima
  • Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
  • madeincanon
  • Laura Eroh
  • AbroadKew
  • Aman
  • Heather Kannianen
  • Maria Gkoutzini
  • GuanoMaestro
  • sardines
  • Anya Slaven

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