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Hello! We've pushed an incremental update which adds a few features to the site, and many bugfixes. In terms of features added, by far the most useful is one-click post-to-imgur for people who are logged in. If it works well and is popular, we'll look at adding an opt-in auto-upload to imgur for new submissions. Also, we finally added unicode support, so non-Latin character sets are now properly supported.

As ever, if there are bugs please let us know in the big reddit thread. Thanks!

Pushed hotfix, upload.farm uploader (alpha)
by laukei at 2016-04-21 14:03:47

Hello! We've just pushed a hotfix which addresses several bugs introduced with the big site update two days ago. In addition to this, we have added support to the site for and are open testing upload.farm uploader, software to allow users to automatically upload their farm daily as they play. The packaged executable is available here, but should be considered alpha-quality! If you try it out, please let us know how it goes in the big update thread on Reddit!

Full changelog:

  • Registered users now have an accounts page that shows all claimable and uploaded farms. (more features will be added to this in future updates)
  • Mushroom trees now display
  • Gates now display
  • Repaired greenhouses now display
  • Trees now display at the correct stage of growth
  • Layering issue with edge of bounding cliff fixed

Site updated! (belatedly)
by laukei at 2016-04-19 21:17:28

Hello! We've finally finished the update and pushed it to the server. It adds a lot of new features, so it probably added a lot of bugs as well. If you find any, please let us know in the Stardew Valley subreddit post. Thanks, and enjoy!

Site update coming this weekend
by laukei at 2016-04-14 20:19:00

Hello, and sorry for the big delay since the last update. We've been working on the site behind the scenes and expect to push a big update soon, adding:

  • Better skills display
  • Farm animal names and information
  • (optional) Save file download
  • New URL
  • (probably) Fully-rendered maps
  • Many minor usability tweaks and enhancements

Look out for it going live this weekend!

Work-in-progress update on rendering full farms
by laukei at 2016-03-23 12:51:12

This post is just a little update to show you how we're getting on with implementing full-farm renders. It's quite a tricky task, but we're getting there! There are numerous features still to add, such as connecting fences, correctly offsetting certain buildings and adding barn doors, and painting crops on tilled soil, but it's beginning to look like it's supposed to.

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