Stardew Valley save files can be found under %APPDATA%\StardewValley\Saves and are named after your character, plus an ID number

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Minor update and español
by laukei at 2016-11-10 22:48:19

Hello! We have pushed an update fixing a few bugs that were preventing people using modded games from being able to generate a farm.

The update also brings site-wide language options, initially English and Spanish. If the language menu appears in a strange place on the site, try refreshing a couple of times. We're keen to include other languages, so if you're prepared to help translate the site into your language please let us know in on reddit or via email to laukei@upload.farm. Thanks!

Hello! We have just updated the site to add stardew.info planner integration. The planner is one of the most useful tools for Stardew Valley farmers, and now users of upload.farm will be able to load their savegames into the planner directly by clicking the icon of a blueprint above the minimap on the Farm page. This feature is restricted only to the uploader/owner of the Farm. Please give us your feedback in the official reddit thread!

The update also includes several bugfixes, including one to patch out the bug that prevented anyone who had doves from the witch hut from uploading their savegame successfully.

Finally, we have also retired the API that was used by the alpha upload.farm uploader as it was largely unused, and added a rendering API for JSON.

v1.1 update LIVE!
by laukei at 2016-10-05 21:53:14

Hello! We have now pushed a (slightly buggy) update adding support for Stardew Valley version 1.1. We'll be reprocessing old savegames over the coming days to ensure they display properly, but new maps, building types, and marriage candidates are supported. As always, please leave feedback in the official reddit thread!

upload.farm & Stardew Valley v1.1
by laukei at 2016-10-02 20:26:30

Hello! This is just a short message to say we're currently working on support for the v1.1 update but at present using savegames from the prerelease or version 1.1 is not advised! We expect to update the site to handle saves from 1.1 in the next few days, and apologise for the inconvenience!

upload.farm Version 4 live!
by laukei at 2016-06-01 21:41:11

The update is now live! There are a couple of bugs we've noticed (nothing major) which we're in the process of fixing. As ever, please report any bugs/feature requests or ask questions in the official Reddit thread!

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